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This learning package has been developed to recognize the key roles played by four remarkable people from Cape Breton during the First World War.

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John Roderick McDougall

John Roderick McDougall was a coal miner who moved to Donkin as a young boy.

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Helen Kendall

When we read the story of Helen Kendall and reflect on the collection of photos, audio tapes and other archival information from the Beaton Institute featured in this virtual exhibit, we gain some insight into what life was like in Nova Scotia at the turn of the twentieth century.

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James Murphy

At first glance, the early life of James Murphy would not have been unlike the lives of young men in rural Cape Breton today.

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Anthony Sumiejski

Anthony Sumiejski’s story is distinct in that as a young Polish man who immigrated to Canada in 1912, where he worked as an interpreter in a coal mine in Glace Bay, and was later employed in the Steel Plant in Sydney.

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